Hip-Hip-Hooray for the Underdog! How Small Business Packs a Punch.

Underdogs Change the Game When Facing Giants. Small businesses are often considered underdogs in the world of marketing. But the world is filled with examples of underdogs who win. Underdogs that win follow a pattern. Take the illustration of the classic underdog – the story of David versus Goliath from the Bible. David was the … Read more

Streams of Influence

Streams of Influence – Reaching the Market via Social Media How to Win Friends and Influence People, a book by Dale Carnegie outlines key ideas to pull others into your sphere of influence, to persuade them and to win others over to your goals and principles.  The book, published in the 1930’s, brings to mind … Read more

A Relevant Church Website – The Essentials

The web landscape is filled with technology companies and applications that have come and gone, yet the innovation and new technology continues to progress at a torrid pace. Big Spark Media has developed many websites and has found only one constant: there are no constants with digital media. It seems that many web trends and … Read more