Build Community

Do you have constituents who share a common interest or customers who have a common need?  People want a sense of community. Build an online community to help them.

Have a bicycle store?  Start an online cycling community – highlight events and races, race results, online cycling tips, how-to instructions, e-newsletter and discounts on your products/services. Make online shopping for your products and services available to community members.

Have a church? Start an online community for members and guests – highlight events, programs, e-newsletter, online spiritual resources, a pastor’s blog and online giving.

Part of a homeowner’s association? Start an online community and a web presence for your association. Use a communication tool that highlights events, shows your calendar, delivers your newsletter via an email newsletter delivery tool, posts newsflashes, allows members to post to forums and that gives members the ability to pay dues online.

A strong community helps gain new customers and new members – your customers tell their friends and family about the community.  Online communities help retain customers who keep returning to your website to participate in the community.

Contact Big Spark Media to help you start an online community and to harness the power of shared interests.  We unleash the power of community. We create online communities in record time.