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The Web Doctor Is In !

Why do websites lose their relevance?  Websites need periodic "checkups" to stay healthy.

When was the last time you saw a doctor for a medical checkup?   Making appointments for health checkups with a medical professional is one of many practices that can insure a clean bill of health and help prevent major health issues.  Frequent and regular health checkups are part of a healthy lifestyle.

In the same way, a website needs frequent and regular checkups to serve its owners well.  Rapid change characterize the Internet, applications used for the web and devices for accessing web information.  And user preferences change at a torrid pace in the web world.  Keeping up with these rapid changes can make your website robust, striking, memorable and healthy.


Self assessment or professional assessment?

Your body can be self assessed via checking your weight on scales at home, checking your blood pressure and the like.  Similarly, a website owner should perform his own "self assessment" regarding website basics - assessing graphics, content, style, colors, menu structure and correct linking.  Is website content fresh and up-to-date.  Does a website user have a positive impression after using the website?  Does the website continue to support the organization's objectives?  What improvements can be made to the website?  The organization's management should perform these kinds of self assessments once a quarter.

But a qualified "web doctor" should provide in-depth website analysis on an annual basis.  A web designer analyzes the website, diagnosis its health and recommends changes to help the website meet its objectives.  A professional web designer keeps up with the latest technical standards, Internet security issues, user interfaces and web applications to maximize a website's effectiveness. Many web designers offer these services to clients and may even bundle periodic  "web checkups" as part of a web maintenance package.  Having an in-depth analysis and a set of recommendations for an organization's website is key to optimizing an organization's web presence.


Areas to diagnose

Websites have a variety of attributes that make them perform optimally. Diagnosing these attributes is key to having a healthy website.

  • Identity and branding
  • Graphics
  • Content (text, images, audio, video)
  • Style
  • Colors
  • Navigation and menu structure
  • Links
  • Technical standards
  • Security
  • User interfaces (usability/accessibility)
  • Compliance to mobile browser standards
  • Web applications
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Analytics


Big Spark Media uses an extensive checklist to assess a website's health.  Let us insure your website is healthy, robust and performing to its full potential.

Make a call and schedule a checkup - the web doctor is in !

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